4 ideas for company outings in the outdoors

4 ideas for company outings in the outdoors

Company Outings

Ready to get out in Spring weather? Is your team leaving the office during lunch to get some sunshine? It may be time to set up a company outing to get your team together during the spring & summer seasons!

Appreciation events show employees they are valued, and they foster company loyalty. Engaged employees pass on their enthusiasm to their team members and eventually, the company culture and values improve.

Now is the perfect time to host appreciation events. Not only will the Vitamin D spread smiles, but the midyear break allows people to recharge their batteries and close out the year strong. Check out employee appreciation event ideas below:

1. Scavenger Hunt
Find a beautiful day, break everyone out into groups, and have a scavenger hunt around the city. Your team will feel nice and rejuvenated after some fresh air and fun challenges. Be sure to take plenty of silly pictures — you can even have a slideshow when everyone regroups at the end.

2. Company Cook-Off
Here’s a culinary team-building activity that no one leaves hungry. Creating new dishes together requires creativity and requires everyone to put their team and leadership skills into action. Divide your team into smaller teams, pick a food category, and challenge each team to whip up something delicious. The category could be anything from ice cream, to salsa, to pizza.

Add a twist and make it BBQ items ONLY and have a cook-off in a nearby park! Invite family and friends of the office to join in on the fun.

3. Take ’em out to the ball game
Nothing is more classic than a Chicago Cubs or Sox game! Show your team true appreciation with a complimentary game to the Cubs or Sox. After, invite your coworkers out to lunch or dinner in Wrigleyville to end the day right. 

4. Company Golf Outing
Spring and Summer is the perfect time of the year to get your team together out of the office for a company event, and what better way to accomplish that than by organizing a company golf outing? Get the office together for a day on the golf course to mingle, practice their game or learn how to play! If there are competitive golfers, it may be wise to create groups of those who are a novice and advanced in the game together. After the game, enjoy dinner at the golf course or a nearby restaurant!

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