4 ways your conference table can change the image of your business

4 ways your conference table can change the image of your business

Conference Table
There is no better time to create a unified meeting place. Selecting the right conference table can create an inclusive and welcoming environment at your workplace.

Does your conference table speak to the type of business you are?
Find out what message your conference table sends to employees,
recruits, and other guests at your business.

1. Size is everything
All businesses are ever-changing and expanding. Your conference table should grow as fast as your business is. Create an inclusive environment with a large enough table for all employees. A conference table with enough room makes new hires feel welcomed and creates office morale that everyone’s voice matters at meetings.

2. Shape your business
Believe it or not, the shape of a conference table communicates the power-dynamic and functionality of your business. Traditional oblong tables have obvious power seats at the end of the table where everyone knows who the leader is. If your business has a creative or informal feel, you may want to opt for a round or square table. Make sure to pick a shape that speaks to the type of business you are to employees, potential new hires or new business partners.

3. Material matters
Looking to revamp your company reputation to traditional or contemporary? Wood tables signal a traditional business model while glass or laminate finishes promote a creative work environment. Consider what type of work is accomplished at the table. Do you foresee a lot of wear and tear by the people sitting at it? A durable table for your business is a necessity. From law offices to restaurants, your table needs to match the unique needs of your business.

4. Make room for technology
New technology goes hand-in-hand with a new conference table. Show your guests you are constantly improving your business starting from the inside. Your conference table should offer space for laptops, ipads and other electronics used regularly during a meeting. Many conference tables offer designated spaces for a conference room phone embedded in the table. Brainstorm ways to integrate your office technology in your conference room to have a productive meeting space.

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