5 New year resolutions for the workplace

5 New year resolutions for the workplace

Office Resolutions

Ring in 2019 with resolutions that have a positive impact on life in and out of the office.

1. Bring your green thumb to your desk
Tending to a plant can bring better health and productivity to your workplace. Studies have shown office plants reduce stress and fatigue of workers by a whopping 38%. Productivity has shown to rise by 15% once houseplants are welcomed to an office. Greenery is a great investment for your workspace in 2019!

2. Pencil in ‘Me Time’

A new year means more meetings, planning and time needed to gear up for 2019 at work. While planning the year out, make sure to schedule a time for yourself to recharge during the 9-5 grind. Use lunchtime to read a book, take a walk, or listen to a new podcast. Starting the new year with a healthy work-life balance is key to make your work day enjoyable.

3) Get new equipment to match
Is the ancient office printer giving you a headache? Treat yourself to new technology that will make your job easier. Using better equipment will make you more productive and happy with your finished tasks.

4. Prioritize giving back
There is no greater feeling than helping those in the community you live and work in. Contact your HR department to learn about volunteer opportunities at your workplace. If none are available, serve as a mentor or volunteer regularly for a cause to make your community a better place.

5. Learn something new
Imagine learning a new skill a day – that’s 365 ways to make a new and improved you! Make time daily to read blogs in your industry, practice using new technology or a topic unrelated to work you have always wanted to know.

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