Quick Tips On Organizing Your Tax Documents

It’s that time of the year again – Tax season! If you have been tasked with preparing your company’s taxes this year, don’t panic. Warehouse Direct has some quick and easy tips to help you stay organized this year. Check out our tax season checklist below:

  1. Invest in your time to organize your tax documents
    If you haven’t done so already, be sure to carve out time in your workday to dedicate to organizing documents for your business’s taxes. Creating a system to organize all of the tax information your company has will save you hours (or weeks) of preparing taxes this year and the following years to come.
  2. A physical or electronic storage system? Why not both?!
    Every business has different needs and capacities for storage of important documents. However, if you are in charge of making sure the company’s taxes are done properly, it’s important to have a hard copy and electronic copy of all your tax documents. Be sure to make an electronic folder of all receipts and other important documents on your company’s database and keep a hard copy in a safe place in your workplace. That way you minimize human-error of losing a document and you always have a back-up!
  3. But really, invest in electronic record-keeping
    Does your company need a technical face-lift in organizing tax documents? Make 2020 your year of making tax preparation quick and painless for your workplace. If you are a small to medium-sized business who uses Quickbooks, investing in Accounts Payable for Small Business by Ricoh can be a game-changer. Eliminate human-error of manual tax prep, automatically capture and extract data into Quickbooks ™ and Sage®, with little to no IT required.

    Are you ready to upgrade your tax preparation system at your business? Let our experts assist you! Click here to contact our document management service team for more information about Accounts Payable for Small Business and other document management needs.