5 Thanksgiving office potluck essentials to make it a hit

Ready for Thanksgiving at the workplace? Read below our top 5 tips to make your Thanksgiving Potluck a hit!

1) Make a menu sign-up list early

Preparation is key to a perfect office party. Have a sign-up list for food items at least a week earlier with options for main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and beverages. Be sure to find out if anyone has dietary restrictions when meal planning.

2) Less mess, less stress: Use disposables

There is nothing anyone dreads more than washing dishes after an office event. Keep your guests (and yourself) stress-free from unnecessary cleaning by purchasing disposable flatware, plates, serving utensils and aluminum table pans. Keep your office Eco-friendly with compostable and recyclable options.

3) …But when there is a mess, be ready!

Imagine this: a co-worker knocks over an entire liter of soda on the breakroom table – oh no! When accidents happen, be prepared for the stickiest situations. You don’t want to make an emergency run to the store in the middle of the big event!

4) Coffee, anyone?

People tend to get sleepy after a big meal. Keep your co-workers at a high momentum with a caffeine-fix after the celebration.

5) Always give thanks

End your Thanksgiving party with a token of gratitude for all the attendees. Have all the attendees write what they are thankful for at your workplace and place it in a jar. Near the end of the potluck, read out loud each person’s token of gratitude to your team or display them in your breakroom.

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