Specialist Solutions A quick how-to guide to get rid of “The Dreaded Line”

We have all seen this at some point at the workplace. You try to make a copy of a document and the copy has one or more unwanted lines running down the sheet. At Warehouse Direct ®, this is known as “The dreaded line”. The good news is you can remove the dreaded line from your next copy quickly. Keep reading to learn how to rid of the “dreaded line” yourself.

Why does the dreaded line happen?

The main reason is plain and simple: dirt. Dislodged items come on the paper during the scanning process through the document feeder, rather than the glass scanner. The residue stays on the thin strip of glass and appears on the output of the document feeder (see Figure 1). Most common residues that cause the dreaded line are

1. Pen Ink.

2. The toner wasn’t completely fused by the original copy’s printer.

3. White-out residue.

4. Dust or particles stuck to the paper.

Figure 1

How to Eliminate the line

The key to a perfect copy is a clean surface. Follow these steps for a perfect scanned copy:

1. Spray glass cleaner on a paper towel or soft cloth.

2. Wipe the glass area where a document scans. (If white-out is the perpetrator, spend extra time cleaning to rid of the residue.)

3. Once the glass is dry, make a test scan through the document feeder.

4. If a line appears from the document feeder scan test, make a test copy using the glass scanner. If there isn’t a line, then there is still more dirt or particles to clean off the glass. Start at step one again for an extra thorough clean of the glass scanner.

Still seeing lines on your copies from the glass scanner? Click here to schedule a Warehouse Direct ® certified technician for service.

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