4 All-star Tips To Manage Your Workload (Free Office Decor Inside!)

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Want to make your 9-5 day go as smooth as possible? Without much effort, you can up your work-game. In other words, you can be the all-star at your workplace with these 4 tips below:

1. Delegate Your Tasks With Free Tools

Do you ever wish you had a personal assistant? For most of us, that usually isn’t an option at our workplace. You can get help managing your workload with only a few clicks of your mouse. Many vendors, such as Warehouse Direct, provide additional services to little or no cost, that directly impact your work. For instance, some services to look for are multiple products from one source to order (coffee orders, office supplies, printing needs, etc.) invoicing, budgeting tools, and much more. Click here to get a consultation from Warehouse Direct.

2. Create Organization With Existing Systems

Streamline your workload with what you have at your fingertips. Have a filing cabinet collecting dust for the past 6 months? Carve out time in your workday to organize important documents. Spend 15 minutes a day to devote to it. Soon, you will be a well-organized machine. Is your desktop filled with unorganized files? Create folders on your computer to store your files to save yourself time locating them later.

3. Commit To A Daily And Weekly Plan

It’s easy for time to fall through the cracks at work without a plan of action. Take the first 10-15 minutes of your day to write out a daily task list you want to complete. Statistically, you are 42% more likely to complete a task if you write it down. In addition, begin to write down your weekly tasks that will take more than one day to complete. As you complete your tasks, cross them off your list. Not only will you know how productive you are, but you will feel really great about yourself when you see how much less work you need to do the next day. Click here to check out writing supplies to get started.

4. Make Your Workspace An Enjoyable Place To Be

Did you know your workspace aesthetic impacts how you feel about your job? Look at your space and decide if you need to spruce up the place. Sometimes, adding additional decorations and motivational messages will help you power through your workday when you need a boost. Luckily, Warehouse Direct has a free office quote printable for you to get started! Click here to get yours now.

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